About Just Harvest USA

Just Harvest USA aims to build a more just and sustainable food system with a focus on establishing fair wages, humane working conditions and fundamental rights for farmworkers. We achieve this through broad public education and mobilizing support for farmworker-led and other grassroots campaigns.

Our Goals:

  1. Build public awareness through education, media, and campaigns about the often unjust conditions in which our food produced;
  2. Mobilize support for farmworker-led and other grassroots campaigns to improve wages, working conditions, and rights;
  3. Engage the sustainable food movement to advocate for farmworker rights as an integral part of sustainability;
  4. Promote socially responsible purchasing in the food industry, with an emphasis on natural and organic retailers, to ensure the rights of farmworkers.

Key Partner:

One of our key partners in this work is the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), an internationally recognized farmworker organization based in South Florida. The CIW is at the forefront of fighting to end decades of stagnant, sub-poverty wages for farmworkers, combating modern-day slavery cases in the agricultural industry, and demanding that corporate food retailers use their power to ensure the human rights of farmworkers in their supply chains.


Just Harvest USA
1515 Fairview St., Apt. C
Berkeley, CA 94703
Email: damara@justharvestusa.org
Phone: (510) 725-8752


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    […] To learn more about Just Harvest USA, click here. […]

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